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Our Research

Expanding Research in Music Therapy

We are committed to evidence-based research informing our work, and contributing our own data to the knowledge base.

While we support and celebrate the many examples of therapeutic music experiences — like a person with Alzheimer’s listening to their favorite song, or a piano player in the lobby of a hospital — we are engaged in differentiating music therapy from those experiences:

Research Informs Our Work

Our retreat program was developed using evidence-based research regarding PTSD and music therapy.
Research supports what we see happening in real-time at our retreats: people with trauma, especially veterans, find healing through music therapy.

We Contribute to Research

We provide ongoing education to board certified music therapists so they can clinically practice at the highest level and we engage with those therapists to provide therapeutic support at our retreats.

We also contribute to the body of research developing in the music therapy field. See a recent cognitive assessment from one of our retreat attendees.

Patients with Music Therapy had a lower depression score after 6 months than with psychotherapy alone

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Our New Look

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Music Therapy of the Rockies has changed its name to Music Therapy Retreats and we're celebrating with a new logo and branding.