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Music Publishing

Engaging Talented Songwriters, Amplifying Retreat Attendees’ Stories

We compile the powerful stories and songs crafted by our workshop attendees and their songwriter.

Through our music publishing initiative, we provide publishing, protection, and music marketing.

About The Songs & Stories

An integral part of Music Therapy Retreats achieving our mission is to hold retreats where we pair retreat attendees with songwriters and engage them in healing through music therapy.

We help people reframe their experiences and reclaim their stories through songwriting. When they process their past and write a new future, healing becomes possible.

The songs written between the attendees and the songwriters during the retreat open the door to better self-expression. Through the songwriting process, free form thoughts and pervasive memories can be structured so that the attendee regains control over their story.

The end result: powerful songs that are changing lives.

Now, through our Music Publishing program, these songs continue to benefit the retreat attendees financially and expands their story’s reach.

How It Works

Music Therapy Retreats provides publishing, protection and music marketing for the retreat attendees:

  • Retreat Attendees retain their 50% writers share.
  • Contracted co-songwriters will retain 50% writer share, as well as 50% of their publishing.

We are proud to share that our music program ensures the attendee maintains their rightful share of song ownership, and facilitates proper song catalog management.

All Attendees and Songwriters are protected under ASCAP and/or BMI.

The Album Project

“Stories and Songs from the Farm” is a collection of 12 songs written during our retreats. Explore the powerful music and the stories behind these songs, through a one-time $100 donation. By listening to these songs, you bring these veterans’ stories to life.


Our New Look

Music Therapy Retreats - Primary Logo

Music Therapy of the Rockies has changed its name to Music Therapy Retreats and we're celebrating with a new logo and branding.