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June 26, 2024

Music Therapy Retreats is a benefitting nonprofit partner for The Veterans Cup 2024

We’re honored to be a benefitting nonprofit for The Veterans Cup 2024, a premier golf event aimed at supporting veterans within the Roaring Fork Valley.

To learn more, sign up to play, and consider joining in the fundraising effort as a sponsor, visit

Their foundation, backed by generous sponsors, channels essential funding to several non-profits, directly benefiting veterans.

From The Veterans Cup:

Please join us on August 6, 2024, at the enchanting Aspen Glen Club for the distinguished Veterans Cup, a premier golf event aimed at supporting veterans within the Roaring Fork Valley. This event offers more than just a chance to engage in a day of exceptional golf in a breathtaking setting; it’s an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to vital services such as mental health care, PTSD support, job training, and overall aid for veterans.

Your participation in the Veterans Cup signifies more than a game of golf; it is an act of unity and backing for those who have devoted themselves to our nation’s service. The Aspen Glen Club, known for its magnificent landscape and outstanding facilities, provides the perfect backdrop for this event. Your presence is key to nurturing community ties, offering critical support, and celebrating the valor of our veterans

On August 6, 2024, we have the chance to effect a real and enduring change in the lives of our veterans. Engaging in the Veterans Cup means you are aiding in the establishment of a supportive network, promoting resilience, and enhancing the welfare of those who have committed themselves to safeguard our liberties.

Take part in this significant cause. Mark your calendar, lend your support, and join us at the Veterans Cup at Aspen Glen Club to bolster veterans and forge a positive, lasting impact within our community.



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Music Therapy of the Rockies has changed its name to Music Therapy Retreats and we're celebrating with a new logo and branding.