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May 29, 2024

Music Therapy Retreats: Introducing Our New Name and Brand

A note from Mack Bailey, our Founder and Executive Director

The original name of Music Therapy of the Rockies was imagined because of what we do and where I live. Since my master’s program, I have felt a strong sense of pride in the music therapy profession and proud to be a representative as well. Having the words “music therapy” in our name has always been a high priority for me.

A Long-term Perspective on Our Name

In 2018, our first donor—a successful businessman—recognized the value of our work. During a pivotal meeting, he asked the question: “When you hold retreats in Nashville, will you become Music Therapy of Tennessee?” I was just trying to make the first retreat happen, much less expanding… As overwhelming as that meeting was, his vision eventually encouraged us to think beyond borders.

The Regional Conundrum

There have been other foundations that have commented on the name and saying that “of the Rockies” was too localized for a national organization. I tried to spin it different ways with the idea that our retreats lift you up to the heights of the Rockies. Yeah, that didn’t work. It became evident that a name change was necessary for our continued growth.

It was imperative that music therapy stay in the name. It sets us apart that every retreat is led by a Board-certified music therapist. The training and experience of the music therapy education prepares us to support through a therapeutic lens with the music background.

Our Name and Mission

Music. Therapy. Retreats. These 3 words our the heartbeat of what we do. We’re committed to providing the most therapeutic experience we can. Our mission is to help heal those who have experienced trauma find healing. We accomplish this through our life-changing music therapy retreats by:

  • incorporating evidence-based techniques
  • engaging talented songwriters in this process,
  • providing ongoing education and training to music therapists, and
  • expanding research in music therapy.

Our New Logo and Brand


Our New Look

Music Therapy Retreats - Primary Logo

Music Therapy of the Rockies has changed its name to Music Therapy Retreats and we're celebrating with a new logo and branding.